Journeying with Functional Mushroom Tea

It’s about connection.     It's about healing.     It’s about integration. 

Functional mushrooms can augment the benefits of a journey to build a holistic framework for therapeutic integration. 

Mushrooms like reishi, chaga and lion’s mane have been brewed in teas for centuries for immune support, adrenal health, energy and boosted neuro-cognitive function.

Building a relationship with mushrooms before a Journey.

Cherished for regeneration and vitality, mushroom tea is a nourishing companion in preparing our bodies and minds for a Journey. It also builds a strong foundation from which deeper connections and intentions with the magical fungi kingdom can be formed. 

Taking your Journey to the next level. 

Mushroom tea can help us achieve a contemplative, mindful state of being. Our body remembers the tea’s soothing sensations, calming the nervous system, promoting clarity, and providing that authentic atmosphere from which we can ground ourselves, re-access intentions, and embrace the therapeutic power of a Journey to the fullest. 

The bridge between the Journey and your day-to-day life. 

Our minds may forget, but our senses don’t. The comforting taste, warmth and aroma all work to re-awaken our memory and offer a powerful grounding ritual to re-connect with ourselves and the Journey on a regular basis. Its rejuvenating benefits act as a supportive ally to achieving balance and harmony during integration and beyond. 

Why Tamim Teas? 

Naturally, the most effective mushroom tea starts at the source. We have a firm commitment to partnering with local organic family farmers for the best quality. Each mushroom is then paired with supporting herbs in small handcrafted batches for optimal potency and effect. 

No Caffeine. 100% organic ingredients. No sugars. Never any processed powders. Enjoy functional mushroom tea as a nourishing companion to a holistic Journey.