Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mushroom Teas

Do your teas have caffeine?

Never! Our blends do not contain any tea leaves (Camellia sinensis) and so are all naturally caffeine free. This also means that they do not get bitter with prolonged steeps!

Do Tamim Teas taste "mushroomy"?

Nope! Our mission from the start has been to make delicious and balanced herbal tea blends that enable everyday folk like you and me to incorporate the amazing benefits of these medicinal mushrooms in their everyday routine. Medicinal mushroom teas do not need to taste like medicine!

Why no tea bags?

At Tamim Teas we are committed to a policy of minimizing waste whenever possible. By providing you with exactly what you need (delicious and wholesome mushroom tea blends) without anything you don't (paper, string, staples, etc.) we are able to keep our environmental impact as small as possible. Lets face it, minimizing waste is important!

What is the shelf life of Tamim Teas?

Our teas will last 1 year after blend date when stored in a cool dark place. This date is marked clearly on every package.

Where can I learn more about the benefits of these mushrooms?

There is a lot of information online and it is important to choose your source carefully! Here are some resources we trust:

What is your return policy?

To return unopened tea packages please contact - remember to include your order number and the products you want to return and why. We are able to accept returns up to 30 days.

As a food product, we are unable to accept returns on opened packages. If you are unhappy with our blends for any reason, please contact us at We are always working to make mushroom teas a more enriching experience.

Where do you ship?

Tamim Teas are available for online purchase in the United States and Canada. Retail orders within the US over $45 come with free standard shipping.