Clarity | Maitake and Lion's Mane Mushroom Tea
lion's mane mushroom tea
Clarity | Maitake and Lion's Mane Mushroom Tea
Clarity | Maitake and Lion's Mane Mushroom Tea
Lion's Mane Maitake Mushroom Tea
Clarity | Maitake and Lion's Mane Mushroom Tea
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  • Antioxidants & Immune Support

  • 100% Organic Ingredients

Stimulating lion's mane and maitake mushrooms blend with nutrient-packed tulsi, zesty ginger, and a splash of cinnamon for a herbaceous blend with beautiful warm undertones.
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Stimulating lion's mane and maitake mushrooms blend with nutrient-packed tulsi, zesty ginger, and a splash of cinnamon for a herbaceous blend with beautiful warm undertones
The healing deep flavors bring a richness of functionality that live up to the "clarity" in its name. Handcrafted to promote focus as well as nourish the mind and senses.
lion's mane and maitake tea

100% Organic

Organic tulsi (holy basil), organic green rooibos, organic ginger, organic lion's mane mushroom, organic cinnamon, organic maitake mushroom (hen of the woods), organic orange peel.

Sustainably Sourced

Tamim Teas is committed to serving organically grown, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients grown by family farmers and nature.
  • Brain Health

  • Inflammation

Maitake is one of the most promising medicinal mushrooms in current medical research. The benefits of maitake mushrooms are numerous. Like other functional mushrooms, maitake contains polysaccharides that have been reported to improve immune system response and support balance.

Lion's mane mushrooms are widely recognized for their powerful and beneficial effects on neuro-regeneration and neuro-cognitive functioning. In traditional eastern medicine, this functional mushroom is often referred to as the ‘nutrient for the neurons’.

Both lion’s mane and maitake contain compounds called adaptogens, which are known to reduce physical and mental stress. That’s why this blend is also known as an adaptogenic tea: it provides you with powerful adaptogens that can help you feel the benefits.

Lion's Mane & Maitake Tea for Well-Being*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. 


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Yummy. Shipping was prompt. Yummy. New packaging. Yummy.

Was excited enough to lookup the tea and write a review :)

Picked up at my local tea shop. It was 50% out of a vague interest in the growing availability of mushroom teas but also 50% because of the corny name*. *Honestly this was my own reading. I thought the label said "Clari-tea" but this self respecting company apparently didn't go for that (just "Clarity", but it will be Clari-tea in my heart.) *more importantly* I did not expect it to taste so good! I like a sharper flavor and it worked unsweetened for me. If you wanted a fruitier or sweeter flavor I think it could still work sweetened.

Steeped for 30 mins at a lower temperature (aka poured, then a couple minutes later I put it in the microwave for 8 minutes at 10% power, then I forgot about it accidently while doing some work. It seems to have a super forgiving steeping profile. I assumed longer at lower temp is better though.

Not bitter. There are the tiniest astringent and bitter flavors in after flavor (for me) but absolutely enjoyed every sip and I'm not mad about the aftertaste (I only noticed them after claiming "not bitter").

Ginette B.
Super tasty

I truly enjoyed this tea... super tasty, smooth, and it brings a sense of peacefulness. Perfect while reading my book.

Holly B.
Tranquility in a cup

This lovely tea calms and soothes and brings a boost of clarity. The hints ginger, cinnamon, and orange compliment the lion’s mane mushroom. Love it!

Daniel Z.

Very tasty.

Brian R.
Great Combo

These 2 had me feeling great, and enjoying every last drop. Good flavor and quality ingredients. Sad when the cup was empty.


I ordered all the teas in sample size and am so happy with my purchase! I was a little worried the tea would be to earthy for my taste but Tamim Teas did an excellent job blending each tea to perfection! I am planning on ordering canisters next time :)


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mushroom Teas

Do your teas have caffeine?

Our herbal blends do not contain any tea leaves (camellia sinensis), so they are all naturally caffeine free. They can also withstand long steeps without getting bitter. Go ahead, be lazy, and steep your heart out! 

Do Tamim Teas taste "mushroomy"?


Our mission from the start has been to make delicious and balanced herbal tea blends that enable us to happily  incorporate the amazing benefits of these functional mushrooms in our everyday routine. 
Medicinal mushroom teas do not need to taste like medicine! 

That being said, for those who want nothing but mushroom flavor, try our Forest Walk.

Why loose leaf?

At Tamim Teas, we are committed to a policy of minimizing waste whenever possible. 

By providing you with exactly what you need (delicious and wholesome mushroom tea blends) without anything you don't (paper, string, staples, etc.) we are able to keep our environmental impact as small as possible. 

Lets face it, minimizing waste is important!

What is the shelf life of Tamim Teas?

Our herbal blends are good for a year and are best stored in a cool dark place. The best buy date is marked clearly on every package.

Where can I learn more about the benefits of these mushrooms?

There is a lot of information about functional mushrooms online,  and it is important to choose your source carefully! Here are some resources we trust:
The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's research on reishi, shiitake, chaga, maitake, and lion's mane mushroom. 
Cancer Research UK's webpage on medicinal mushrooms in cancer treatment. 
The National Cancer Institute's webpage on medicinal mushrooms.

Where do you ship?

Tamim Teas is available for online purchase in the United States. Retail orders over $45 come with free standard shipping!
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