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I was just an average tea drinker...

Mushroom Tea Company


“My good friend contracted an immune deficiency disease and was recommended to drink medicinal mushrooms for immune system support. At first, this sounded crazy to me. Mushroom tea? And, not psychedelic? What?

But it wasn’t long until I started drinking functional mushroom tea too. I learned about all their wonderful health benefits and long-time therapeutic uses in eastern medicine. Current research now examines their potential in cancer care and immune defense.

Unfortunately, to meet the growing demand of functional mushrooms in the health market, many companies have resorted to importing mushrooms (not to mention chemical extracts and instant processed powders) from questionable sources. Why?

With a Ph.D. in Ecology and deep respect for traditional knowledge systems, I firmly believe in offering premium mushroom tea that stays true to eastern tradition. 

That’s why I started Tamim Teas. Functional mushrooms can unlock so much wellness for ourselves, our communities, and even Mother Earth when they are pure and unprocessed. I have a firm commitment to partnering with local organic family farmers, and carefully pairing each mushroom with great tasting organic herbs to augment both the taste and health benefits. 

You can now enjoy functional mushroom tea in the same way it has been used for centuries without any highly processed ingredients from unknown sources. To your health!




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