Sustainability is in Our Roots

From the way our mushroom teas are grown and sourced to the packaging and teaware that we offer, we believe in protecting the natural environment and nourishing ourselves with the best—from root to harvest. 

Homegrown organic mushrooms and nourishing herbs

Our reishi, shiitake, maitake, and lion’s mane mushrooms are grown in small batches and freshly dried on the farm for optimal effect. Our chaga is harvested using sustainable practices that don’t harm the natural environment. 

These wonderful functional mushrooms are then carefully combined with organic herbs to augment the benefits of each mushroom as well as create a handcrafted flavorful and nourishing herbal tea. 


Sourced from multi-generational family farmers

While many other mushroom tea brands source their mushrooms as processed powders or import them from questionable sources (where the soil health can be laden with heavy metals and toxins), we exclusively source our mushrooms from trusted harvesters and local domestic organic family farms.
Just as you should know where your food comes from, we believe you should know where your mushrooms come from and how they are grown.

We’re proud to partner with family farmers dedicated to the craft of growing the most antioxidant-rich mushrooms using sustainable practices and organic farming.

The only process our mushrooms go through is cutting them small enough to fit into your teacup. That’s how mushroom teas have been enjoyed for centuries and we’re sticking with it.

No highly processed powders, chemical extracts, or ultra-processed blends. Just whole, functional mushrooms—straight from Mother Earth to your cup.

Eco-friendly tea packaging 

You deserve to enjoy your mushroom tea with the least amount of harm to the planet. That’s why we’re proud to serve our teas in compostable and biodegradable packages that limit our environmental impact—and yours, too. 

Our tea packaging is made with care: 
  • Compostable kraft paper 
  • Easily removable and recyclable twist-ties to seal your mushroom tea 
  • 2x more tea on average than powdered mushroom products 
  •  Our teas are loose-leaf so you never have to worry about micro-plastics in tea bags 
  • Enjoy our teas in a one-pound bulk bag to save more and enjoy more

Eco-certified teaware

Enjoy your tea without the plastic, paper, and hassle. Our loose-leaf mushroom teas are easily enjoyed using one of our teaware products. 

We offer high-quality teaware tea like tumblers and infusers that are made of the finest grade material and have eco certifications.

A message from our founder

Hi, I’m Liat, a first-generation American woman passionate about the health benefits of unprocessed functional mushrooms. I have a Ph.D. in Ecology and have deep respect for traditional knowledge systems. I believe functional mushrooms can unlock so much wellness for ourselves, our communities, and even Mother Earth.