Mushrooms for Health

medicinal mushrooms

Pure, authentic, and perfectly balanced

At Tamim Teas, we always start our medicinal mushroom tea blends with freshly dried, locally-sourced American mushrooms grown by organic family farmers. Next, we add a wide array of organic and caffeine-free herbs to make sure our mushroom tea benefits everyone who might pour themselves a cup. 

The combination of these delicious herbs, spices, and mushrooms for health creates delightful and revitalizing teas for everyday enjoyment. 

Whether you’re a mushroom fanatic or simply a lover of teas, our high quality blends are a real treat!

Curious to learn more about the benefits we’ve seen from our mushroom teas? Learn more below.

Learn about Functional Mushrooms

adaptogenic mushrooms

Preparation Tips

First time brewing mushroom tea?

Don’t worry: our loose leaf blends brew similarly to other types of teas, which makes brewing them simple and easy to master. 

Here are 3 simple suggestions to get you started: 

  • 1 teaspoon of your favorite Tamim Teas’ blend for every 1 cup of water.
  • Gently simmer in a pot or fill an insulated thermos with hot water and take it to go.
  • Steep away! Unlike other teas that get bitter when over-steeped, Tamim Teas unleash more flavor & functionality with longer brewing times.

Go ahead - take your time and relax!

You can steep or simmer without worrying about oversteeping. Bitterness isn’t in Tamim Teas’ vocabulary with our mushroom teas releasing more flavor & nutrients over time!

The Tamim mushroom tea benefits don’t end there. We guarantee that all of our blends are 100% natural. No caffeine, sweeteners, or processed ingredients come anywhere close to our blends.

Prefer your tea chilled? 

Double the serving suggestion, let cool, and pour over ice. This is a refreshing (and easy!) twist on classic iced teas.

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