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Searching for Where to Buy Lion’s Mane Mushroom Tea? We Have High-Quality, Organic Lion’s Mane Blends for You 

Are you looking for where to buy lion’s mane mushroom tea? Then you’re in luck, as Tamim Teas is the best online store to buy this healthy and nutritious tea. In this article, we discuss the tea blends we offer, the best form of lion mane to consume, the number of times you can take it, and if it is worth all the hype. 

Curious? Let’s begin. 

Where Can You Find Lion’s Mane Mushroom? 

The lion’s mane mushroom is large, shaggy, and white, with a resemblance to the mane of a lion. It is popular and widely used in Asia countries like Korea, India, Japan, and China. However, it has spread to other countries due to its numerous health benefits. 

But the question most people ask is where they can find lion’s mane mushrooms. Does it grow naturally in your backyard, or can you cultivate it in your garden? This section answers this question, focusing on the two main places where you’ll get lion’s mane mushrooms. 

In the Wild 

In the wild, lion’s mane mushroom can grow on maple, beech, oak, walnut, and sycamore trees. It also grows on willow hardwoods, poplar, and tulip. 

You can find lion’s mane mushrooms in the wild in North American countries, including Canada, in late summer, and fall. It is easily identifiable as it has distinguishing features, primarily its white cascading spines. Also, lion’s mane mushrooms grow together in a clump. 

It is evident that the lion’s mane mushroom does not grow in gardens, and you’ll likely not find it in your backyard. However, you can create a habitat by growing a fungi culture on agar. But it is a long process that requires time and dedication, which you might not have. 

So, what do you do? This takes us to the second point. 

Buy Lion’s Mane Mushroom Tea Online at Tamim Teas 

If you’d rather not grow mushrooms and are wondering where to buy lion’s mane mushrooms, we recommend Tamim Teas online store. We offer the highest-quality blend of lion’s mane. You can enjoy it as tea or add it to your stew or soup.

Our lion’s mane mushroom doesn’t stand alone. We combine it with other mushroom blends like Reishi, Chaga, Maitake, and Shiitake. We also have Lion’s Spice, a combination of the lion’s mane with Tumeric and spice, and Lion-Maitake Clarity, which contains tulsi, ginger, and cinnamon. 

What Is the Best Form of Lion’ Mane to Take? 

This is another question most people who want to consume lion’s mane ask. Generally, in Chinese medicine, you can eat the mushroom raw, cooked with meals, or drink it as tea. To consume lion’s mane as tea, you can soak the mushroom in water or dry it out. 

At Tamim Teas, we carefully and gently dry our lion’s mane. Thankfully, unlike most mushrooms, lion’s mane contains very little water, which makes the drying process faster. You can add dried lion’s mane to hot water to make tea or add it to your morning coffee. 

You can also mix it into your smoothie. We recommend consuming lion’s mane as tea as it offers several holistic benefits. For instance, this tea aids in better cognitive abilities and relieves mild depression and anxiety symptoms. It lessens inflammation and reduces cholesterol for better heart function. 

Can Lion’s Mane Be Taken Daily? 

Yes. You can take lion’s mane every day, up to three times daily, without any severe side effects. However, keeping the dosage between 250mg and 750mg is best. 

The more you consume lion’s mane, the more you enjoy lifetime benefits. For example, it reduces the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and prevents diabetics. Also, like most herbal supplements, the effect of mane might take up to two weeks to manifest. 

You can consume our Lion’s Spice and Lion-Maitake Clarity daily. 

Do Lion’s Mane Teas Offered Here Have Caffeine? 

No. Our lion’s mane tea at Tamim Teas is 100% caffeine free. The mushroom can naturally boost energy as it contains antioxidants and polysaccharides. 

Also, the lion’s mane mushroom aids in stable energy levels due to its antihyperglycemic effects. The mushroom lowers the lactic acid in the blood, which causes tiredness after a workout. 

Finally, it may support increased energy production. Therefore, drink lion’s mane mushroom tea instead of coffee if you want a natural energy booster. 

Can I Take Lion’s Mane Every Day?

Again, you can consume lion’s mane daily. However, the daily amount you take largely depends on your body size, age, overall health, and sensitivity. For example, if you want better cognitive function and immunity, you can take about 1,000mg daily. 

We recommend you track your intake and how you respond to lion’s mane, and if you have any adverse effects, see a doctor.

Is Lion’s Mane Mushroom Worth It? 

Yes. It is definitely worth the hype; if not, Buddhist monks would not have used it for years to increase their focus and meditation. Other medicinal benefits of lion’s mane are:

  • Speedy recovery from nervous system injuries 
  • Protection against ulcers in the digestive tract
  • Reduction of heart disease risk
  • Management of diabetic symptoms 
  • Fights against cancer
  • Boosts the immune system

Finally, lion’s mane is quite safe to consume, and there’s currently no human scientific evidence to the contrary. However, if you are allergic to mushrooms, it would be best to stay off them. 


This article covered where to buy lion’s mane mushroom tea and the different benefits it offers. All that’s left is to decide which type of lion mane tea you want and buy one from Tamim Teas.