Chaga Chai | Chaga Mushroom Tea

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Chaga Mushrooms, Decaf Chai spice, Turmeric,

Our fragrant chaga mushroom tea is packed with invigorating chaga mushroom - sustainably sourced in Maine - and paired with rich chai spices and turmeric for an amazing flavor. Caffeine-free!  

Chaga Chai is a must for any chai lover — a healthy drink that tastes like a treat. But as always, our chaga mushroom tea contains all organic ingredients & no caffeine, sweeteners, or processed ingredients.

Help yourself to some Chaga Chai for a taste of restoration and renewal.

(2.8 oz, 32+ cups)

Chaga mushroom tea benefits can include*:

  • Boosted Immunity Support
  • Energy Support
  • Digestive Benefits
  • Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial Propertie

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Chaga is a tough, slow-growing medicinal mushroom that’s typically found in cold climates. Recently, it has attracted significant attention from Western scientists for its potential to treat malignant tumors.

However, use of chaga mushroom tea as a medicine isn’t a recent revelation. It’s been used as a folk medicine across Eastern Europe, Russia, and more since the 16th Century. That’s just one part of its two-thousand year history as a traditional medicine of many indigenous cultures around the world. 

It’s still used as a natural medicine worldwide as both a health boost and a daily wellness drink to reduce fatigue, treat pain, and promote vigor of the body and spirit.


organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic red rooibos, organic cardamom, chaga mushroom*, organic clove, organic cardamom seeds, organic peppercorn, organic turmeric.

*sourced from organic American family farmers


1. Start with 1 heaping teaspoon for every cup of water.

2. Steep or gently simmer your blend.

3. Steep your heart out! Try brewing for 20 minutes or more. One of the best parts of Tamim Teas is that it unleashes more flavor, nutrients, and spice over time without becoming too bitter or strong.

Customer Reviews

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Nikki &.M.

Holy moly! This is the best chai in the Milky Way Galaxy…Probably the universe! We should know because we are aliens that have traveled the many universes trying new teas! We will return to earth just for this tea, time and time again.

Marsha B.
Chai Tea

Love the Chaga Chai - perfect wake up beverage!

Paula N.
I’m obsessed with this tea!

Chaga Chai is absolutely delicious! The depth of flavor and quality of everything Tamim Teas produces is simply top notch. I’m a fan for life!

Brad V.
Tasty chai

Was looking for chaga and found this chai.
Happy happenstance!

Tiffannie R.
Love it!

I put it in my coffee in the mornings, it's delicious!

Bina H.
Great service; great products

I am new to Tamim Teas, and I am happy with the purchase of this tea.

Susan R.
Delicious mushroom tea

I just purchased the Chaya chai tea and the lion-Maitake clarity, both teas are delicious and very smooth, I will certainly be purchasing these items and others again!