Reishi-Chaga Boost | Chaga Reishi Tea

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Carob, Elderberries, Rooibos

Local organic chaga and reishi mushrooms combine forces along with scrumptious roasted carob, rich elderberries, and soothing red rooibos to create this popular chaga reishi tea blend. The luscious flavors of deep berry and nutty carob, combined with the power of adaptogenic mushroom tea, awaken both the spirit and the senses.

This chaga reishi tea is unique in that it’s a balance of opposites: antioxidant-rich chaga provides your body & spirit with energetic vigor while reishi brings calm and serenity. This quenches the modern-day thirst for a boosted energy-recharge without sacrificing feelings of relaxation.

Our chaga reishi tea is a rejuvenating drink that tastes as good as it makes you feel. A testament to how a caffeine-free boost of antioxidants can provide a sustainable source of energy without any dips or jitters. 

Chaga reishi mushroom tea benefits can include*:

  • Boosted recovery & immunity
  • Increased vitality
  • Rejuvenation of body & spirit
  • Long-lasting energy boost

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Both chaga and reishi are some of the most widely used and studied mushrooms in traditional medicine with use throughout the world quickly spreading. Chaga and reishi have had a profound impact on traditional medicine, so much so that they’re both used today alongside modern treatments for tumors, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

Chaga & reishi mushroom tea combines what’s known as the mushroom of immortality (reishi) with the well-known health benefits of chaga to create an immune- and energy-boosting blend. 

Tamim Teas understands the healthful power of these two mushrooms. That’s why we never add any artificial preservatives, caffeine, sugar, or other additives to our teas. After all, why mess with something that’s worked for thousands of years? 


organic red rooibos, organic roasted carob, chaga mushroom*, organic elderberries, organically grown reishi mushroom*, organic ginger

*sourced from organic American family farmers


1. Start with one heaping teaspoon for every cup of water.

2. Steep or gently simmer your blend.

3. Steep your heart out! Try brewing for 20 minutes or more. One of the best parts of Tamim Teas is that it unleashes more flavor, nutrients, and spice over time without becoming too bitter or strong.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lyssa B.

I love rooibos and mushrooms so this tea was a natural fit. It's delicious.

Stephanie G.
Great-tasting tea!

I enjoyed this tea--it was smooth, not bitter and had good flavor...not to mention the health benefits that Reishi and Chagra teas have to offer. I purchased the sample pack, and now intend to buy the large size.

Bina H.
great taste; great service

I have enjoyed the different varieties of teas from Tamim Teas.

Barbara A.
Delicious and healthful

I have tried all Tamim teas and enjoy them all. This is my favorite! It is so delicious. It has both chaga and reishi mushrooms plus rooibos, carob, elderberries and ginger. So good and good for you!

Patricia J.
Morning Favorite

I really enjoy this tea. I rotate between this and the Reishi Delight and love both of them. They have subtle flavor differences which make them perfect to interchange and vary during the week. I am hoping to try all of the blends. I generally enjoy lots of different kinds of tea but the Tamim teas are my absolute favorite!

Deanna G.
Sweet Treat

I love all of the Tamim teas I have tried but this is my hands down favorite. I was looking for some options to replace my afternoon coffee and this satisfies that and my hot chocolate cravings too. So good.