Can I Take Chaga and Reishi Together? Benefits of Chaga and Reishi Blends

Can I Take Chaga and Reishi Together? Benefits of Chaga and Reishi Blends

“Can I take chaga and reishi together?”

This is a question we get here at Tamim Teas often. Why? Well, many people view these mushrooms as opposites. 

While chaga mushrooms are known as the king of the energy boost, reishi is known as the queen of relaxation. So how could these two “opposite” mushrooms attract to make a chaga and reishi organic mushroom tea blend? 

We all know the old saying that opposites attract. That’s exactly what happens with chaga and reishi in our awesome chaga reishi tea blend. We call it Reishi-Chaga Boost.

Keep reading to learn more about these two mushrooms along with the benefits their combination can bring you.

What Is Chaga Mushroom?

Chaga mushroom is widely known as the king of functional mushrooms. Why?

Not only has this functional mushroom been used in traditional & folk medicine for thousands of years, but it’s also still used as a natural medicine today by people all over the world. It’s been used to treat everything from fatigue to stomach issues, and recent studies show potential anti-tumor benefits [1 and 2].

In order for this mushroom to be most effective, cell walls must be broken down. That’s why most independent scientific studies on this mushroom are based on hot water extraction, and references from traditional Chinese medicine also recommend using hot water to break down and extract the beneficial properties from the mushroom’s hard exterior. 

This makes chaga perfect for tea since the hot water used to steep the mushroom will help make the immune supporting polysaccharides found in the cell walls available for our bodies to digest. 

In particular, chaga is well-known for its energy and immune boosting properties, which has led to its widespread use in recent years [3]. 

What Is Reishi Mushroom?

Reishi mushroom is a beautiful hard mushroom that can be found in the wild growing on hardwood trees like maple or hemlock (we use reishi mushrooms that are cultivated from organic family farms). 

Use of this mushroom in traditional medicine can be traced back to as early as the Han Dynasty, and it was often reserved for only royals or the upper class because of its amazing health benefits. 

If chaga is the king of mushrooms, then reishi is the queen. Like chaga, reishi mushrooms have also been used in traditional medicine for over two thousand years [4]. 

However, instead of acting as an energy booster like chaga mushroom tea, reishi mushrooms are known for their relaxing qualities. Many who consume or drink reishi mushroom tea find themselves feeling more relaxed, sleeping easier, and feeling less anxious [5, 6, 7].

Benefits of Chaga and Reishi Together

Now that we’ve established that chaga is the king of mushrooms & energy boosts and reishi is the queen of relaxation, you’re probably more curious than ever about the initial question: can I take chaga and reishi together?

It might seem like a strange combination, but opposites really do attract in this case. We even have a special chaga and reishi blend that combines these two organic mushrooms with rich roasted carob, elderberries, and soothing rooibos.

A Balance of Opposites

If you’ve ever drank too much coffee or had too much caffeine, you know the discomfort of being too energetic. Jittery hands, an anxious mind, and feeling “hopped up” is enough to make anyone feel lousy… especially when you crash later on. Why bother with it in the first place?

That’s why this blend of chaga and reishi is so perfect. It can give you the perfect amount of chaga boosted energy while balancing it out with the soothing effects of reishi. 

This gives you an energy recharge — without the crash afterward.

Adaptogenic Tea Blend & Immunity

A chaga and reishi blend is also an adaptogenic tea blend

What does “adaptogenic tea” mean?

Adaptogens are non-toxic plants or mushrooms that contain compounds, chemicals, and properties that can help the body resist stress. This includes physical, chemical, and biological stressors [8]. 

Both chaga and reishi have adaptogenic properties. When you combine them together into a tea blend like our chaga-reishi tea, you have a powerhouse adaptogenic tea blend.

How do both chaga and reishi mushrooms protect you from stress? 

For one, they both have very high concentrations of antioxidants [9 and 10]. Increased concentrations of antioxidants in the body have been linked to decreased cellular stress, improved mitochondrial activity, reduced risk of certain diseases, and improved immune function [11].

Reishi and chaga blends have the potential to boost your immune system in other ways as well. Studies show that both chaga and reishi have immunostimulating properties and have the potential to give your immune system a boost [12 and 13]. 

Think about it: why not combine these two immune system powerhouses into one amazing, delicious, adaptogenic tea blend? That makes this dynamic duo perfect for when you’re feeling like you need a boost.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Chaga and Reishi?

Our chaga reishi blend is one of my favorite mushroom teas that we offer. Thanks to the perfect combination of qualities and tastes, this blend is as healthful as it is delicious.

So stop asking “can I take chaga and reishi together?” Get yourself some Reishi-Chaga Boost!

Check out our chaga and reishi blend, along with the rest of our products, by clicking on the button below. You can also read up on more benefits of our beloved mushrooms on our mushroom tea blog and contact us with any questions!