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Reishi Mushroom Tea Benefits: A Tea Drinker’s Guide

Discover reishi mushroom tea benefits below

Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is one of the most well-studied and documented types of functional mushrooms known. 

Nicknamed the "Mushroom of Immortality", reishi tea has been used in herbal and traditional medicine practices for thousands of years; uses range from liver issues to tumors and depression [1].

Is there evidence to justify these claims? While there’s no proof that this mushroom makes you immortal (at least yet..), it does live up to its healthful name in a myriad of ways. This article will review traditional use and current western medicinal studies on reishi.

Tamim Teas believes in the power of healing. That’s why we’ve created two distinct, delicious blends of reishi mushroom tea. And it’s why we want you to learn more about reishi tea!

What is Reishi? Understanding the History of Reishi Mushroom

As we mentioned earlier, reishi — whether as a mushroom tea or in other forms — has been used for its medicinal properties for over 2,000 years.

It can be quite difficult to find reishi mushroom growing in the wild. It often grows at the bottom of hardwood trees, usually maple or hemlock, but in general the specific tree might vary by region and species. Tamim Teas sources reishi from domestic organic family farmers for freshness, taste, and quality.

Use of this functional mushroom began as early as during the Han Dynasty (CE 78 - 139).

Besides reishi and the "Mushroom of Immortality", it is also known by its Chinese name “lingzhi”, which roughly translates to “spirit herb” or “divine mushroom,” lending to its perceived ability to evoke the supernatural [1].

And just what are these reishi tea benefits, you might be wondering? Traditionally, it has been used to treat cancer, immune disorders, depression, fatigue, stomach issues, and more [2]. Because of its rarity before modern cultivation, it was often reserved for the upper class and royalty. But no more. Now, reishi tea is available to all!

Our Reishi Delight makes you feel royal with reishi mushroom paired with cinnamon and orange peel in a warming pick-me-up blend. Our Reishi-Chaga blend combines the relaxing power of reishi with the energetic power of chaga to give you the best of both worlds.

What Does Reishi Mushroom Do? Reishi Mushroom Tea Benefits to Consider

Like many functional mushrooms, we know that they’re a huge part of traditional medicine. Now, we’re going to look at their modern & Western uses that have been supported by scientific studies (not to mention the many, many personal stories on the topic!).

Reishi Tea and the Immune System

Perhaps the most well-studied reishi mushroom benefits are related to immunity. Both traditional and Western medicine claim that reishi can help give your immune system a boost. 

Studies support this claim. Consider the following:

  • One cellular study showed that reishi mushroom extracts were able to increase several markers of immunity and improve the function of immune system cells [3].
  • Other studies show that reishi has strong antioxidant properties and can act as an antiviral. [4, 4(b)]
  • There are also studies that showed reishi mushroom has the potential to boost immune function in advanced cancer patients who often have lowered immunities [5].
  • Reishi has also been observed to reduce inflammation and aid with symptoms of immunity related conditions [6].

It’s important to note that more animal and human studies are needed to test the pathways and applications of these findings.

Mood and Relaxation

One of the qualities that reishi is most well known for is its soothing and relaxing qualities. A cup of our Reishi Delight is the perfect way to unwind & destress after a long day.

One study looking at breast cancer survivors saw that after 4 weeks of ingesting reishi, participants saw a significant reduction in anxiety and depression [7]. 

Another study showed participants' overall wellbeing improving after reishi consumption [8].

It’s worth noting that both of those studies looked at participants with chronic conditions. However, these results do suggest some sort of relaxation and mood boosting benefits exist with reishi mushroom consumption.

Studies in animals also support this idea. One study with mice saw that animals that received a reishi mushroom supplement had anti-anxiety effects similar to those of diazepam (an anti-anxiety pharmaceutical medication) [9].

Reishi Tea and Fatigue

Because of its calming effects on mood, many use reishi tea as a way to help them sleep at night. There’s also evidence that reishi can reduce fatigue and help you feel more rested overall, which can also help with your sleep cycles. 

Numerous sources report success using reishi for patients that struggle with sleep [10]. These studies propose that reishi is a “sleep promoting factor” that can also reduce stress and anxiety that can affect sleep quality.

Experience the Potential Reishi Mushroom Tea Benefits Yourself!

As with many of these studies, more involving human participants are needed to fully understand these reishi mushroom benefits. 

However, the studies that do exist have exciting and promising results. They certainly support why these mushrooms are used around the world, and why people love to make reishi tea.

To see how reishi mushroom tea benefits you, check out our delicious reishi tea options! We have two delicious reishi mushroom teas to try: Reishi Delight and Reishi-Chaga Boost

IMAGE CREDIT: Flickr/WildBranch