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Mushroom Tea For Every Time of Day

Hydration plays a significant role in our health, and we need to consume a pretty significant amount of water in order to maintain sufficient hydration levels. Forget the old 8x8 rule - experts now recommend that you drink at least 11-15 cups of water per day [1]. 

It may seem a bit daunting of a task to consistently drink that much water - but keep in mind, you’re not just limited to plain old H2O! Other beverages, as well as fruits and vegetables, can contribute to your hydration efforts while providing nourishing nutrients.

Stay hydrated and healthy by drinking mushroom tea - a nutritious and delicious beverage that you can sip on all day long!


Mushroom Tea For Every Time of Day 

Because all of Tamim Teas’ organic mushroom tea blends are caffeine-free, they can be enjoyed at any time of the day. However, different blends offer different benefits. 

Some blends provide a boost in natural energy and focus (without the jitters and crash of caffeine), while others promote relaxation. The former may be best suited for the morning or midday, while you might prefer one of the more mellowing blends in the evening. 

These are the types of mushroom tea that we would recommend for each part of the day.

Morning: Lion’s Mane Tea

After rolling out of bed in the morning, sometimes you need a bit of help to break out of your sleepy haze and transition to a state of mental sharpness and clarity. Lion’s mane mushroom is known for its brain-boosting effects, making it the ideal medicinal mushroom to start your morning with.

Research has shown that ingesting lion’s mane mushroom has resulted in an improvement in the cognitive function of mice, and it may have a similar effect on humans [2]. Get focused for the day ahead by drinking some lion’s mane mushroom tea!

Afternoon: Chaga Tea

Now that you’ve made it through the morning with the help of lion’s mane and the afternoon is upon you, you may be feeling in need of some extra energy. Though you may have avoided the caffeine crash by choosing to start your day with caffeine-free mushroom tea instead of coffee, that 3 o’clock crash may still sneak up on you.

 Chaga mushroom is our go-to when we’re looking for a natural energy boost, as it has been shown to increase endurance and reduce fatigue in experiments with mice [3]. Though more definitive human research is needed, chaga is believed to offer an energy boost to us as well.

Fight off afternoon fatigue with a cup of chaga tea!

Evening: Reishi Tea

After taking on the day’s tasks with focus and energy, it’s time to kick back and relax. Reishi tea is the perfect aid for winding down at the end of the day and enjoying a restful evening. Reishi has also been shown to promote more restful sleep in rats, and it may offer similar benefits to us [4]. With the help of a reishi tea nightcap, you can sleep soundly and take on tomorrow with more energy, alertness, and vigor.


If you’re wondering if you could also drink a reishi-chaga blend before bed, the answer is yes! Though chaga mushroom is energizing, it does not have the same stimulating effect as caffeine that would prevent you from falling asleep at night. You should still be able to sleep soundly shortly after enjoying our Reishi-Chaga Boost.


It’s Time For Mushroom Tea!

As you can see, mushroom tea can be enjoyed at any time of day! Some types may be more preferable at certain times of the day due to the varying functional properties of each mushroom, but you really can consume any of our teas at any hour. Drinking mushroom tea regularly will not only help you stay hydrated, but it may also support your daily functioning and overall health.

Tamim Teas specializes in creating top-quality organic mushroom tea blends with all ingredients sourced from American family farms. Need more reasons to drink mushroom tea? Check out our recent blog post: