mushroom tea

Why You Should Drink Mushroom Tea

Have you ever had (or heard of) mushroom tea?

If you have, you may know that medicinal mushroom tea can potentially offer many wonderful health benefits to the consumer. If you’re not yet familiar with mushroom tea, well - we’re pleased to introduce you and explain why you are in for a treat! 

There are a number of reasons why mushroom tea has such a long tradition of use. Here are some of its wonderful benefits for which people have been enjoying it for centuries.   


There are several types of mushrooms that are thought to have therapeutic properties [1]. The medicinal mushrooms that are used to make Tamim Teas include reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, and maitake.

Each of these mushrooms contain bioactive compounds that are believed to have numerous positive effects on physical and mental health. Research suggests that these mushrooms may:

  • significantly increase antioxidant levels (reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, maitake) [2]
  • bolster immunity (reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, maitake) [3]
  • inhibit cancerous tumor growth (reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, maitake) [4]
  • reduce inflammation (chaga, maitake) [5]
  • increase energy levels (chaga, maitake) [6]
  • support digestion (chaga, maitake) [7]
  • act as an antibacterial (chaga, lion’s mane) [8
  • improve cognitive function (lion’s mane, maitake) [9]
  • elevate mood (lion’s mane, reishi) [10]
  • promote sleep and relaxation (reishi) [11]

In order to access the bioactive compounds that contribute to these potential therapeutic outcomes, the mushroom cell walls must be broken down with hot water. This is why mushroom tea is the best way to enjoy medicinal mushrooms - steeping the mushrooms in hot water makes them bioavailable, according to research and ancient tradition [12]. Learn more about the benefits of mushroom tea here.


Hydration has many health implications. Consistent hydration is required in order for our bodies to function at optimal levels [13].

Experts recommend that adults drink somewhere between 8-16 cups of water per day, though the appropriate number for each individual varies based on gender, climate, activity level, elevation, and current physical health [14]. 

This may seem like a lot, but it’s easier to hit your hydration goals when you consider the fact that not all of your water intake has to be plain H2O. You can also ingest water in the form of fruits, vegetables, and other, more flavorful beverages - such as tea. 

Like any tea, mushroom tea consists mostly of water. Mushroom tea can therefore help you to achieve and maintain the hydration levels necessary to support your overall health. Also, with no caffeine and sweeteners, it is a perfect drink to enjoy at any time of day!


It is not uncommon for people to hesitate when first presented with the opportunity to try mushroom tea, for they often expect it to have a “mushroomy'' taste. However, when medicinal mushrooms are thoughtfully paired with flavorful and well-balanced herbs and spices, the resulting tea blends can be absolutely delicious and delightful!

Some medicinal mushrooms are not eaten and have no culinary history. Due to their hard textures, reishi and chaga have been exclusively used as tea for healing purposes. Their flavor profiles are drastically different from the mushrooms we commonly consume, sometimes tasting a bit bitter (reishi) or bland (chaga) if drunk alone. This is where the flavorful herbs and spices come in! Rather than “mushroomy”, you’ll find the flavors of our mushroom teas to be predominantly sweet, spicy, fruity, floral, etc. 

Mushroom tea can be enjoyed hot or cold; however, it is recommended that you initially prepare it hot in order to extract the mushrooms’ bioactive compounds, then allow it to cool if you prefer to drink it chilled. You can enjoy your tea hot for warmth and comfort, or sip on a glass of chilled mushroom tea for refreshment.

Additionally, we find food and drink all that much more enjoyable when we know that it is nourishing our bodies with clean and nutritional ingredients. You can drink mushroom tea with the reassuring knowledge that you’re supporting your well-being in doing so!

Tamim Teas: Mushroom Tea At Its Best!

Not all mushroom teas are created equal, however. Some companies may use mushrooms and other ingredients from questionable sources. Also, taste can vary due to the quality and combination of ingredients that have been used to make up the blend.

At Tamim Teas, we source all of our ingredients from organic, reliable, and local family-owned farms to ensure optimal quality and functionality in our mushroom teas. We also carefully curate each tea blend to create delicious flavor profiles using compatible combinations of healthful herbs and spices. 

Tamim Teas is proud to be your source of the best-quality and most delicious mushroom tea on the market!