Shiitake Mushroom Benefits for Tea Drinkers

Shiitake Mushroom Benefits for Tea Drinkers

Interested in shiitake mushroom benefits? Read on to discover why people are excited about the benefits of shiitake mushroom tea 

We are all familiar with white and button mushrooms on pizza, in stir fry, or as a meat replacement. What about Shiitake mushrooms? They may not look familiar, but shiitake mushrooms are a nutritional powerhouse. In addition, they are packed with compounds that can enhance physical health, mood, and cognitive functioning. 

There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake mushroom tea is a convenient way to reap the benefits. Shitake mushroom tea can be a tasty and healthy alternative to your morning coffee or afternoon tea. 

Shiitake mushrooms have played a valuable part in Chinese and Indian medicine. These mushrooms are 2 to 5 inches wide and have a dark brown color, and a rich, meaty flavor. Best of all, shiitake mushroom benefits are substantial and can make you feel and look better. 

Is shiitake mushroom a superfood? 

We’ve all heard the term “superfood,” but do shitake mushrooms fit this category? Although no food can do miracles, shiitake mushroom health benefits have been prized for centuries and play a significant role in Asian cuisine and Chinese medicine. 

The benefits of shiitake mushrooms are supported by scientific research. They contain compounds that may protect against disease and boost the immune system. In addition, they may help lower cholesterol and improve heart health. Shiitake mushrooms may also provide protection against seasonal illnesses.

Shiitake mushroom benefits are apparent no matter how you enjoy them. This superfood is low in fat and rich in copper, vitamin B5, riboflavin, niacin, selenium and vitamin D. 

What are shiitake mushroom benefits to know about? 

People who drink shitake mushroom tea consume sterols, beta glucans and eritadenine which can lower serum cholesterol levels. Promising studies have shown the potential antibacterial and antiviral effects of shiitake mushrooms [1].

According to several studies, shiitake mushroom benefits may include lower blood pressure, and some even point to how they may help lower fat deposits in livers [2]. 

Polysaccharides in shitake mushroom tea have been shown to reduce inflammation and also slow down the aging process. Polysaccharides also have demonstrated an anti-cancer effect in studies and prevent diseases associated with inflammation [3].

Also, shiitake mushrooms contain bone-strengthening vitamin D. One study showed how shiitake mushroom health benefits may include prevention and the slowing of osteoporosis [4].

What are shiitake mushroom tea benefits? 

In Chinese medicine, shiitake mushroom tea has been prized for its contribution to longevity, mental clarity, and creating a sense of balance. It’s easy to enjoy shiitake mushroom tea benefits since this richly-flavored and nutritious beverage is a stimulating replacement for morning coffee but without caffeine. Shiitake mushroom is also valued by Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for its adaptogens, which help the body respond and adjust to stressors. 

Shiitake mushrooms may lift the mood and boost energy levels. Many people drink this tea for appetite control and increased mental acuity. Try shitake mushroom tea for yourself and see how much better you will feel. 

How do you make shiitake mushroom tea? 

Tamim Teas sources the best quality mushrooms from family farmers dedicated to their craft. If drinking a Tamim Teas blend with Shiitake, take 1-2 tsp of tea for every cup of water. Simmer your blend or let it steep (try our insulated thermos for amazing heat retention and durability on the go) for at least 20 minutes for maximum benefits. 

If you aren’t used to drinking this tea, take it slowly to fully enjoy shitake mushroom tea benefits. Take a break, appreciate the fragrance and the taste and allow the tea to relax you and relieve stress. 

Can drinking shiitake mushroom tea benefit my skin? 

The skin is the largest organ in the body. That’s to say that anything that improves general health can make the skin look more vibrant and attractive. Just as shitake mushroom benefits reduce inflammation and boost immunity inside the body, it also rejuvenates the skin. 

Shiitake mushroom benefits may include healing acne scars and wounds [5]. It can stimulate skin renewal and can increase skin elasticity. It’s little wonder that the food has been associated with youth and longevity for centuries because it can restore a youthful look. The fact that shiitake mushroom tea is rich in Vitamin D reduces the need to rely on skin-aging sunlight for vital vitamins. 

Is shiitake mushroom tea good for weight loss? 

The basis for surges in appetite and weight gain can often be nutritional gaps. If we lack certain vitamins and minerals, we may crave unhealthy foods and be tempted to overeat. Shiitake mushroom tea is rich in trace minerals that we often lack, such as copper and selenium. They are also rich in Vitamin B and Vitamin D. 

The tea’s rich nutritional profile and satisfying flavor can take an edge off of cravings. The calming effect of shitake mushroom tea can weaken the impulse for stress eating. In addition, shiitake mushroom benefits include eritadenine and b-glucan which can reduce fat deposits. 

Drinking shiitake mushroom tea before meals can help control your appetite and eat less. The tea provides nourishment that will allow you to reduce portions and consume fewer calories without feeling deprived. 

Want to lose weight, look better and feel healthier? Try shiitake mushroom tea and see the difference! Once you discover time-honored shiitake mushroom tea benefits, you’ll find it an easy-to-prepare and delicious alternative to your favorite hot beverage or broth.