Maitake mushroom benefits to know

What is Maitake Good for? Maitake Benefits To Know

Maitake is one of the most promising medicinal mushrooms in current medical research. The benefits of maitake mushrooms are numerous. Like other polypores, maitake contains polysaccharides that have been shown to improve immune system response.

Here are a few amazing medical studies on maitake benefits. Such an exciting new, albeit paradoxically ancient, traditional remedy!

Fresher. Organically Grown.

Maitake mushroom tea

How are Tamim’s maitake mushrooms different? The secret lies in how they are sourced.

Many companies import processed powder and extracts from unknown sources. This may reduce the flavor, functionality, and overall benefits of maitake mushrooms over time. 

We work with organic family farmers to grow maitake in small batches. Then, we carefully blend them with supporting herbs and send them straight into your cup complete with all their nutrients. Yum. And complete with maitake benefits.

Maitake Bloom. The Benefits of Maitake in your cup! 🌸

Maitake bloom mushroom tea

Our newest blend featuring maitake mushrooms has quickly grown into one of our best sellers! In this latest blend, “Maitake Bloom,” smoky organic maitake mushrooms blend with a tangy twist of astragalus, refreshing ginger, and a soothing finish of goji berries.

What could be better? "Maitake Bloom" is truly a rare luscious blend. 

Our other maitake tea, “Lion-Mataike Clarity,” is a classic. It’s deliciously paired with lion’s mane mushroom, tulsi and ginger. 

For many years, this was my favorite mushroom blend because I loved how herbaceous tulsi combined with these two powerhouse mushrooms to create such a heartwarming, woodsy flavor. I never found another tea quite like this. All the maitake benefits with so much enjoyment!