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tea infuser

Tea Infusers and Tumblers: The Different Options Tea Drinkers Have

Whether you are looking for a new type of tea to experience or have some health setbacks needing a natural remedy, mushroom tea offers a large range of usefulness. This article outlines the process for handling your mushroom tea, everything from proper steeping to transporting.   Worth noting at ...
growing lions mane

Growing Lion's Mane: Caring for Mushrooms

Lion’s mane mushrooms are shaggy-looking fungi known for their unique seafood-like flavor and numerous holistic benefits. Lion’s mane mushrooms have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years and continue to be favored by the holistic community even today. However, this spec...
adaptogenic tea

What is Adaptogenic Tea?

Adaptogens are regarded as a force of nature, due to their touted ability to help the body cope with stress and resist the adverse effects that it can have on our physical health. Learn how Adaptogenic teas promote health within the body!
medicinal mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms: Debunking The Myths

Medicinal mushrooms are a bit misunderstood. Though people in Western culture are becoming increasingly aware of what medical mushrooms are (and what they are not), there are still many who hold false impressions about these fantastic fungi.

Let's debunk some of the common myths about medicinal mushrooms!

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