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Why You Should Drink Mushroom Tea

Have you ever had (or heard of) mushroom tea? If you have, you may know that medicinal mushroom tea can potentially offer many wonderful health benefits to the consumer. If you’re not yet familiar with mushroom tea, well - we’re pleased to introduce you and explain why you are in for a treat! ...
chaga mushroom

Winter Foraging: How To Find & Harvest Chaga Mushroom

With its cold weather and shorter days, many people don’t exactly look forward to winter - especially in the northern states. However, partaking in fun and engaging winter activities can make this season much more enjoyable. Here’s a winter activity idea that you may not have thought of - mush...
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Combat Stress With Adaptogenic Tea

Times are stressful right now. We are living in the midst of a global pandemic, social unrest, mass unemployment, widespread burnout and mental health decline. It’s no wonder that many of us have been feeling extra-stressed lately. Unfortunately, stress can have a number of negative consequenc...
warming winter drinks

Delicious Hot Drinks for Winter That Will Warm You from Head to Toe!

Winter drinks and seasonal brews are some of the best parts of this time of year!  Spicy cinnamon, warming turmeric, and delicious mushrooms can all combine to create delicious (and nutritious!) brews that heal the body and the soul.  Let’s look at a few of our favorite non-alcoholic winter dr...
adaptogenic foods and drinks

4 Adaptogenic Foods & Drinks for Health & Wellness

Most of us have heard of some of the latest “trends” in food: juice cleanses, superfood powders, zucchini “noodles”... the list goes on. The commonality between these food trends is that most of these are just that — trends.  However, there are certain foods that have centuries-long histories ...
Three Natural Ways to Boost Energy This Fall & Winter

Three Natural Ways to Boost Energy This Fall & Winter

Most of us know the feeling of fall & winter fatigue — the clocks are set back, the cold weather starts to creep in, and all you want to do is crawl into bed and get cozy. You need some natural ways to boost energy! This isn’t just your imagination making you feel more tired. It’s actually...
medicinal mushroom benefits

4 Medicinal Mushroom Benefits You Should Know

While there are over 50,000 known species & types of mushrooms throughout the world, only a small percentage of those are used as medicinal mushrooms [1].  However, these few special medicinal mushrooms like reishi mushroom, chaga mushrooms, lion’s mane, maitake mushrooms, and many more, c...
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Four Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy This Fall!

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are changing, the pumpkin spice lattés are returning, and the cool nights of autumn are upon us.  Fall traditionally represents change and balance as plants, animals, and the world around us prepare for the winter season ahead. We swap the shorts for a ...

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